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Tips for Steam Cleaning Carpets

Steam cleaning carpets is an excellent way to remove stains and accumulated, deep down dirt and to restore carpets to a lovely appearance. Though vacuum cleaners work best on surface dirt, crumbs, and soil, dirt and dust that settles deep into the carpet fibers can be difficult for a vacuum to remove. Because carpet steam cleaners use hot water along with cleaning solutions, they are capable of reaching the deep down dirt that may have adhered to the carpet fibers themselves. Most homeowners are very surprised by the dirty, muddy-looking water that is removed from a carpet during steam cleaning.

Tips to Clean Dog Urine from Carpet

Dogs add happiness to a home and can truly become ‘one of the family,’ but the downside of dog ownership is that they sometimes have accidents in the house. Puppies, of course, are still learning and have small bladders that make them need to wet more often. Older dogs can become sick or incontinent and may begin wetting on the carpet as a result. Whatever the case, it is important to quickly clean dog urine from the carpet before the stain and odor has a chance to set in.

Tips to Keep Furniture Clean

Sofas and chairs are getting dirty virtually every moment of the day and night. When it comes to keeping furniture clean, it can seem like an uphill battle. Of course, no one expects furniture to keep a “show room shine” forever, but some rules and simple maintenance can help keep your upholstery looking good and lasting for years.

Top 10 Carpet Care Tips

Maintain and cleaning your home’s carpets regularly will not only help you extend the longevity of your carpet, but will also help you keep your home environment healthy. Use these tips to cut back on dirt and grime, keeping your carpet and home feeling fresh and clean.

Top 10 Carpet Stain Removal Tips

A clean carpet lends to a cozy home. Avoiding stains and spills is not possible, but being prepared to quickly respond to and treat them can help you keep your carpets clean and fresh. Follow these tips for carpet spot removal to help you reduce the effects of spills, dirt, and grime on your valuable carpets.

Top 10 Carpet Steam Cleaning Tips

Carpet steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is the preferred method for deep cleaning carpets because of its ability to remove stubborn stains and embedded dirt. Steam cleaning machines blast your carpet with hot water and then use powerful suction to remove loosened dirt and excess moisture, leaving your carpet feeling and smelling fresh and clean. Here are some tips if you are considering deep steam cleaning your carpets.

Top 10 Deodorizing Carpet Tips

To successfully deodorize your carpets, it is essential to find and remove the source of the odor rather than mask the smells with air fresheners and carpet powder. Most carpet deodorizing products found at the store are designed to use a pleasing smell that overpowers the foul carpet smell, but does not remove the source of odor which will continue to make a repeat performance.

Top 10 Green Carpet Cleaning Tips

Using green methods to clean carpets means that you are choosing chemical-free products that will not leave behind any residues that can have an adverse effect on your home’s air quality. Carpet cleaning chemicals are generally considered safe, but may not be completely removed during the extraction process. Here are some tips for keeping your home clean and healthy with green cleaning methods.

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