Tile And Grout Cleaning

tile and grout cleaning dallas txLike carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning is also important. Microscopic pores allow dirt and other contaminates to become trapped below the surface, where they cannot be removed with regular mopping. The dirt will continue to build up inside those pores, leaving grout looking dark, dirty and discolored. Additionally, tiles can become slippery with grease, grime and dirt build-up and can cause a higher likelihood of a slip-and-fall accident. Even heavy scrubbing and harsh cleaners can be inefficient, time consuming and labor intensive, with little or no results.

City Scrubbers Tile And Grout Cleaning of Dallas, TX will restore the natural beauty of your ceramic tile and grout, quickly and economically. With our powerful tile and grout cleaning system we will make your tile look new again.

Let us clean your tile floors to renew their sparkle and shine!

Why Should I Get Tile and Grout Cleaning For My Home Or Office?

tile and grout cleaning dallas txTile floors are notoriously difficult to clean. Every homeowner (and business owner!) knows that regular mopping, consumer tile cleaning products and even cleaning grout with a tooth brush just doesn’t do the trick, especially if you’re trying to eliminate stubborn dirt that has settled into the texture of the tile or deep into grout lines.

It’s City Scrubbers Bathroom Tile and Grout Cleaning Services to the rescue! Our professional tile and grout cleaning process will bring your tile surfaces and grout lines back to that new look once again.

We boldly go where consumer cleaning products, tooth brushes and household mops have never gone before!

Just as your carpets require regular attention, so does the grout around your home. However, how many of us truly clean the grout on a regular basis? Getting a vacuum out of the closet is a fairly regular occurrence, but the grout is often forgotten until it becomes dirty, damaged, and an eye-sore.


  • $0.80 per square foot for steam cleaning and application of sealant.
  • $69.99 minimum charge for your tile and grout cleaning appointment.

Get in touch with the tile and grout cleaning experts of City Scrubbers, and we’ll discuss how our affordable services can help beautify your home, as well as keep it safe from damage over time.

So what is it makes tile and grout cleaning so difficult?

city scrubbers tile cleaning dallas txDirt and contaminants build up over time, making your tiles look dull, and causing grout to darken and appear discolored. Home cleaning methods simply can’t get at the built-up, ground-in dirt that has settled in hard-to-reach places. Dirt trapped in the texture of tile and has penetrated the grout is almost impossible to remove without the proper equipment, commercial cleaning products and systems.


How Do You Clean Grout and Tile?

  1. Pre-inspection – We will assess your tile & grout to determine the appropriate cleaning method.
  2. Area Preparation – We will prepare the area where the tile & grout will be cleaned to protect the surrounding furnishings.
  3. Pre-vacuum – Tile & grout will be vacuumed thoroughly before cleaning to remove dry loose soils and any loose particles from cracks and crevices.
  4. Pre-treat – Difficult spots are pre-treated to emulsify soils and make them easier to remove.
  5. Pre-condition – An appropriate hot solution is sprayed on to breakdown dirt grease and grime in your kitchen and soap scum in your bathroom.
  6. Soil Removal – High heat and pressure is applied using a spinning tool to wash away grime and stains.
  7. Sealer (optional) – After cleaning, we will use specially formulated sealers to chemically bond with your grout and seal off the pores that trap dirt. Thoroughly sealing your tile will make future cleaning easier.
  8. Post Cleaning Inspection – After cleaning, we will review the results with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.


  • Regular cleaning prevents cumulative damage.
  • Clean grout matches clean tiles and makes the whole area look new.
  • Cleaning grout reduces growth of mold and mildew.
  • Professional grout cleaning means no last-minute cleaning when you have guests.
  • Remove buildup of soap and dirt in hard-to-reach areas.

One of the immediate benefits of grout cleaning is that the whole area looks cleaner. Alongside a good, professional tile floor cleaning, grout that looks new is aesthetically pleasing to any eye. However, even more importantly, grout cleaning keeps the grout from getting damaged.



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