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Top 10 Carpet Care Tips

carpet care tipsMaintain and cleaning your home’s carpets regularly will not only help you extend the longevity of your carpet, but will also help you keep your home environment healthy. Use these tips to cut back on dirt and grime, keeping your carpet and home feeling fresh and clean.

  1. Use mats and area rugs to cut down on the amount of dirt, grime and general wear and tear that your carpet is subjected to. Mats placed inside and outside by the entrances of your home can help you eliminate up to 85 percent of the particles that enter your home. Also use area rugs to cover high-traffic areas, such pathways through rooms, to help you protect your carpet from excessive wear and tear.
  2. Leave your shoes at the door! Remove shoes near your home’s entrances before walking through your house. Keep a storage unit or shelf near your front door and ask family members and guests to remove their shoes before walking through the house.
  3. Keep your outdoor walkways clean. Sweeping the outside walkways and paths leading up to the door will help you cut down on the amount of dirt, leaves, mulch, etc. that gets into your home.
  4. Vacuum frequently. The more people that come through your home, the more you should vacuum. As a general rule, large households should vacuum at least once a day, while smaller households can vacuum between two to three times each week.
  5. Use effective vacuuming techniques. Use slow, deliberate strokes and repeat several times, going in different directions each time. Spend extra time on high-traffic areas, such as hallways, stairs, and pathways that receive constant wear.
  6. Maintain your vacuum cleaner to ensure it is cleaning your carpets effectively. Keep your vacuum’s brushes clean and replace them when they appear worn. Check the hoses and attachments for any obstructions and inspect belts frequently to make sure they are working. Empty the vacuum’s canister regularly to optimize the vacuum’s efficiency.
  7. Treat stains immediately. If a spill or accident has happened, respond to it immediately by blotting up excess liquid or removing excess material. Do not rub the stain, which will only push the stain further into the carpet’s fibers. Use enzyme cleaners to treat pet stains, which can crystallize and cause permanent odors to set into your carpet.
  8. Follow the carpet manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Have the manufacturer’s information on hand to contact them with questions about stain removal and deep cleaning. The manufacturer will give you the best advice on how to clean and treat your carpets without causing undue wear or discoloration to your carpet.
  9. Deep clean your carpets at least once a year. Even diligent vacuuming cannot prevent dirt and grime from becoming embedded and building up in your carpets. Find a professional carpet cleaning business and set up a consultation so they can suggest the best cleaning methods for your carpet. Carpet that is exposed to high traffic should receive a deep cleaning once every three to six months, while smaller households should schedule a professional cleaning once every twelve months.
  10. Clean your HVAC filter every week to cut down on dust and other airborne pollutants. Dust, dirt, and pollen can build up on your carpet’s surface and will eventually cause discoloration. Keep your carpet bright and fresh by cleaning your HVAC filter weekly.

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