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Top 10 Green Carpet Cleaning Tips

green carpet cleaningUsing green methods to clean carpets means that you are choosing chemical-free products that will not leave behind any residues that can have an adverse effect on your home’s air quality. Carpet cleaning chemicals are generally considered safe, but may not be completely removed during the extraction process. Here are some tips for keeping your home clean and healthy with green cleaning methods.

  1. Choose a carpet cleaning business that uses eco-friendly equipment and chemical-free, natural cleaning solutions. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is safer and more effective since professionals will use commercial-grade equipment that delivers hot water – a necessary step in loosening dirt and grime – and suctions all traces of embedded dirt. This coupled with chemical-free or low-impact cleaning solvents will provide a clean carpet that is safe for your family and pets.
  2. Use vapor steam cleaning to get your carpets clean. Floor steam cleaners, which are different than the hot water extractors that are commonly referred to as carpet steam cleaners, work by using high-heat steam to loosen dry contaminants and draw them to the surface of your carpet, where they are finally vacuumed away. Vapor steam cleaners work without the use chemicals and dry quicker than other carpet cleaning methods, making them the preferred choice among families with small children or people with allergen sensitivities.
  3. When looking for store-bought cleaners, choose brands that contain plant-based or natural solutions, rather than chemicals. The natural solvents in eco-friendly cleaners work just as effectively as their chemical-based counterparts at holding dirt and other contaminants – once they have been loosened by steam or hot water – until they can be vacuumed.
  4. Whether you spot treat your carpet with cleaning solution or have your carpets professionally cleaned, make sure you use adequate ventilation during the cleaning and drying process and allow carpets to dry completely.
  5. Vacuum once a day to keep the dirt away. By reducing the amount of dirt and soil that can get embedded into your carpet, you also reduce the need for deep cleaning or carpet cleaning chemicals. Vacuum regularly to pick up as much surface soil as you can – at least once a day for large households and high-traffic areas or twice a week for smaller households and low-traffic areas.
  6. Change your vacuum bags regularly or purchase a vacuum that stores dirt in a bag-less canister, which will also mean less waste. Diligently changing vacuum bags or emptying the canister will maximize your vacuum’s suction power, ensuring that you are picking up as much surface soil as possible.
  7. Catch dirt before it has a chance to get into your house. Sweep walkways and paths leading to your house two to three times per week. Less dirt outside your home will mean less dirt and contaminants coming in.
  8. Keep dirt at the door. Leave mats by all of the entries to your home. Mats will grab a majority of the dirt, soil, mulch, grass, outside contaminants, etc. before they have a chance to get into your carpets.
  9. Keep shoes off the carpet. Place a shoe rack or empty a space by your home’s entries where family and guests can remove their shoes before walking on the carpet.
  10. Have a carpet care kit full of green cleaning solutions on hand to respond quickly to stains, spills, and accidents. Your kit should include clean, white absorbent cloths, a dull knife for removing solid stains, spray bottles, mild dishwashing detergent, ammonia, white vinegar, and oil solvent – such as a non-acetone nail polish remover.

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